GAZEDESK is ergonomics item research lab that aims to provide user new experiences in the Ergonomic work environment. We believe in the importance of good posture for workplace. Ergonomics can be defined simply as the Essential of human factors. Ergonomics (or human factors) is the scientific discipline concerned with the understanding of interactions among humans and other elements of a system, and the profession that applies theory, principles, data and methods to design in order to optimize human work space and overall system performance. That is not the most efficient definition of ergonomics. To put it simply, ergonomics is the science of eliminating sources of discomfort. It also makes things efficient. Essentially, ergonomics makes things comfortable and efficient. Efficiency is quite simply making something easier to do. Our product is for the people who spend hours each day sitting at their desk. GAZEDESK aimed to increase job satisfaction, productivity, and comfortable work space. We provide a comfortable and healthy working environment for users; furthermore, we satisfy user’s tastes and preferences. Our prime purpose for brand is to being ergonomics environmental. We believe simplicity is the ultimate sophistication of design. I believe the GAZEDESK maybe the first smart Human factor to qualify as a gadget not only furniture.


The Smartest Sit–Stand desk Ever, GAZEDESK

Product type - GAZEDESK Basic Single 

                         - GAZEDESK Smart Single 

                         - GAZEDESK Smart Duo 

A sit – stand desk can improve your posture. Reduce eye strain and text neck. The other, Industrial products or Sit-stand desk, are only made for adjusted height or a desk. 

But, our product, GAZEDESK, fit and adjust your height and weight in our app, GAZEDESK App, Easily find each person’s perfect position, whether you are sitting or standing. 

You can also adjust the desk position in two millimeter increments using the jog dial at the right-bottom side of your desk, or via the mobile app controller., 

 Whether it is classic, modern, basic, or chic - we know that design matters.
GAZE DESK comes in various colors and materials, so you can create a work setting that makes you feel comfortable. Select from basic, single or duo model, and pick the shape of the desk that suits your work setting the best. 

 If you want a height adjustable standing desk without the extra features, you can order the basic model. But if you want a desk with a unique look and advanced features, go for a dual lift smart model with a natural wood surface.  

 Key features 

- Automatic adjustments ; optimize customizing their own unique physique .

- Portable And Adaptable ; GAZEDESK makes it simple to set up and move from one workspace to another .

- No harmful materials; as we consider the effect of Materials. A non toxic material is the most important point. E0 Material (MDF), Wood veneer (Masstige) and Natural wood (Prestige) .

- Compact aesthetic designs ; Easy to use cable management to helps hide cord and cable out of sight. 

 - Well organized engineering; sit – stand desk routine re-designed. GAZEDESK creates an ergonomic design as a good working environments.

- Comes in your choice; Material, size, Type and shape. Customize the product what you wish for. 


Transform any desk in to an affordable, Flexible Standing desk


Product type - GAZEDESK Workstation Duo

                          - GAZEDESK Workstation Single

A workstation is specially designed for people who spend hours each day sitting in front of their own desk. 

Our Brand new workstations are extremely well designed machine that offered higher performance shown as other Sit – Stand desk, fit and design for small or narrow space. Internal Motor works height transition as quite as a whisper, robust and stable construction supported dual monitor supported (Up to 32” and rated load 20kg) 30º Swivel, 45º tilt, 90º pivot product to Ergonomic designed for human body, especially suffering from eye strain and text neck persons for. GAZEDESK, workstations aimed work should be comfortable. We believe people were created to be loved, no suffering from sit or working, 

so our workstations are designed to be used with ergonomics.

KEY features

- Designed for the small, narrow place ; Not only any desk, also adaptable with any small space 

- People who already have another desk ; Height adjustable solution converts any desk into a standing desk 

- Internal electronic motor ; Electric sit-stand workstation 

- Energy saving performance 

- Strong motor ensures a very high stability level 

- Easy to use ; press controller makes height adjustment easier 

- Large surface for placing more devices 

- Small storage for front slot hold 

- Compact aesthetic designs ; Easy to use cable management to helps hide cord and cable out of sight 

- Free tilting design for multiple monitor viewing angle 

- 360 rotations is perfect for more viewing experience 


Prime purpose of this product is to supply Sit – Stand desk reasonable price, utility and expandable product

STARTER KIT_ manual >

Advanced all in one keypad with three programmable presets, you can save your favorite Sit – Standing desk position. Your exact desk height is shown on a display. Dual motors make your desk height transition. From 630mm- to 1250mm desk height range. Lift mechanism driven by hidden internal motors and 1.5” per second. Maximum Load capacity is 100kg. Robust and stable construction for designed for maximum structural integrity.

Key features

- 3 programmable memory presets save your desired height 

- Sit / stand time reminder every 1 hour 

- Switched Mode power supply for energy and power efficiency 

- Cable management keeps everything organized 

- Adjustable width fits a variety of desktop shapes and sizes 

- Standby mode features 


Ultimate kids factor ; The Smakiz

SMRKIZ_ manual >

Have you ever been seen children lying on the floor and drawing pictures? We made the first SMAKIZ, the desk for the children, to help a child with lying on a floor and suffered from text neck and incorrect posture. Almost of industrial product, desks are not for children and some of manual sit–stand desk is not suitable, even dangerous, or difficult to use. SMAKIZ ergonomic consulting assists cover range is for 3 year toddler to 16 years juvenile persons. From 58cm up to 82cm, Sit – stand desk for the children to juvenile. And this is helpful for the spine health to the important who grown up.     

Key features

- Tilt top plate 60 degrees 

- 3.25mm/s speed slowing, safety movement 

- Intuition Touch Controller 

- Top plate stopper for book holding 

- Built in LED stand lamp 

- Programmable 2 memory preset 

- Super E0 Desk top 

Name : ⓒGAZELAB, Inc | CEO : Juyoun Lee | Email : | US OFFICE : 201 Spear street, Suite 1100 San Francisco, CA 94105, USA | Korea office : GAZE BD, 11 Samseongro 82 gil, Gangnamgu, Seoul, Korea | Business license number : 537-01-00103 |